DWI Lawyer in Manhattan

Criminal and DWI/DUI defense lawyers in New York City happen to be one of the most highly trained and qualified lawyers in the country and Jason Steinberger happens to be one the most experienced criminal and DWI/DUI attorneys. Having learned and mastered his profession by working as a New York State Prosecutor and as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County. As such he is an expert on criminal as well as DWI laws in New York State. As a New York criminal and DWI/DUI lawyer, he specializes in criminal and DWI/DUI defense charges in the courts of Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Suffolk and Nassau in New York State. Apart from this he also handles criminal cases.

DWI Crime Attorney in Manhattan

A person that is charged with a DWI is a serious matter in the state of New York. A first-offense DWI or DWAI could bring a fine of up to $300-$500, get a person's license suspended for 90 days and the person could receive a 15 day incarceration sentence automatically. A repeat offender with two or more DWI convictions within a 10 year period may bring a court fine of $2,000-$10,000, an ignition interlocking device for their vehicle, a 7 year incarceration period in a facility that is assigned by the court, and the person's license may be revoked for a period of 18 months.

These types of New York drunk driving and New York driving under the influence charges can pose major financial hardship on a person and they could even lose their jobs for being a repeat offender in the state of New York. An experienced DWI Lawyer, like Jason Steinberger will fight the DWI, DUI or DWAI charges and allegations before any New York Criminal Court. He will investigate the alcohol breath test, investigate the traffic cams and police reports, and search every legal avenue to prove his client's innocence in court or get a favorable plea deal for all parties.

It is well known that there is no such thing as expungement in New York. As such, if you are convicted of a crime in New York, you will have a criminal record for the rest of your life. Jason A. Steinberger and his staff will explore every legal avenue to prove that their clients are innocent. Call 646-256-1007 today so that they may get to work on your case right away.

How Can the Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger Help You?

Manhattan, New York is a major epicenter for criminal justice in the United States. It is probably the busiest jurisdiction in the country since hundreds of cases are heard and deliberated upon by the courts every day. Literally, hundreds of people are arrested for a variety of crimes that range from trespass, petit larceny and assault to murder. Those practicing law in Manhattan are expected to be familiar with various aspects of the State and Federal criminal law. This is where the Law of Offices of Jason A. Steinberger can help you.

As a former New York Assistant District Attorney, Jason Steinberger is completely familiar with the various aspects of the law and understands its rules and regulations. He is also familiar with the criminal and civil procedures, motion practice rules, sections of the penal law, rules of evidence, document preparation, Grand Jury practice and a host of other aspects of criminal law. It is this expertise of the law that has made Jason Steinberger one of the most sought after attorneys in the New York State region.

High Quality Client Service

It has been the endeavor of The Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger to make sure that every client gets justice, be it a criminal case or a DWI offense. Every effort is made to provide highly professionalized services to clients. Unlike in most instances elsewhere, you can be sure of immediate return of phone calls despite having a busy schedule. You will also regular updates regarding your case so that you are aware of the status. As your attorney, we will discuss with you the full details pertaining your case so that you understand the exact nature of the criminal and DWI charges laid against you. All your questions and doubts are answered in a professional manner so that you know what your options are and take informed decisions. This will help in mitigating any criminal or non criminal sentence that you may receive. Every effort is made to ensure the quick resolution of your case.

Why you should hire Jason Steinberger

Jason Steinberger is a trusted name when it comes to resolving criminal defense and DWI cases in the New York State region. In a long and illustrious career, Jason has defended a lot of individuals, juveniles, corporate companies and businesses that have been charged with criminal misdemeanors in various courts in and around New York. He has also been honored by the Office of the Bronx District Attorney for his unmatched work in the field of Criminal Law.

To set an appointment with The Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger, call our Manhattan office (646) 256—1007 or fill out the contact form on our website and we will respond immediately.