Manhattan Drug Possession Lawyer

Manhattan has gone through dramatic changes over the past three decades, and many politicians believe that the improvement is due to a policy of being tough on drug crimes. Consequently, the NYPD frequently receives orders to crackdown on drug offenses in the city’s busiest borough. If you’ve been caught up in New York’s war on drugs and have been accused of a drug crime, it’s important to get out in front of your charges. A conviction for even a small amount of cocaine, heroin, or other illicit narcotics can lead to jail, fines, and a potentially problematic criminal record. You need to contact a Manhattan drug possession lawyer at your first opportunity.

How Drug Possession Cases are Prosecuted

If you’ve been arrested for a drug possession charge, there are certain things that the state must demonstrate in order to obtain a conviction:

  • The state must show that the drug was a controlled substance—usually via lab testing.

  • The state must show that you were in actual or constructive possession of the controlled substance.

  • The state must be able to articulate that you had knowing possession of the drug.

  • The state must show that you didn’t have legal possession of the drug.

If the police discovered the drugs during a search, they’re required to have a warrant in the absence of one of the warrantless search exceptions.

Legal Defenses in Drug Cases

There are many viable defenses that can be used to exonerate a defendant or mitigate the charges against them:

  • Invalid search – The police searched your person or property without permission, a search warrant, or probable cause that would justify a warrantless search.

  • Invalid stop – The police didn’t have a legal reason to stop you.

  • Inconclusive or negative tests – The substance doesn’t test as a controlled under federal or state law.

  • Lack of knowledge – The accused didn’t know that they were in possession of a controlled substance.

  • Lawful Possession – The accused was authorized to handle the drugs under the law or it can be shown that they took custody of the drug to hand over to law enforcement.  

  • Insufficient Quantity – There isn’t enough of the drug to warrant prosecution. This may also be used to reduce charges.

  • Infancy – The state doesn’t often prosecute juveniles under 16 years of age.

Retaining the services of an experienced Manhattan drug possession attorney provides you with the best possible opportunity to beat your drug charges.

Manhattan and NYC Drug Possession Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested with drug possession in Manhattan, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer who handles drug cases. The Law Office of Jason A. Steinberger fights for the rights of individuals who have been accused of possession of a controlled substance in Manhattan. Attorney Steinberger prides himself on offering competent, professional legal advice to his clients and bringing their cases to a successful conclusion. Contact him at his Manhattan office to schedule a free initial consultation.