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If you have been arrested in New York City, the most important decision you must make is hiring the right New York criminal defense lawyer. The sooner you hire a New York City criminal defense lawyer, one that is intricately familiar with the New York Courts, the better chance you have of resolving the case with a favorable outcome. Call now and learn why Jason A. Steinberger is the right criminal defense attorney to handle your criminal Felony, Misdemeanor or DWI/DUI charge.

Jason A. Steinberger has over a decade of experience practicing criminal law in New York City and is uniquely qualified to handle your criminal case. Jason Steinberger is a former New York City Criminal Prosecutor, former Assistant District Attorney, former Adjunct Law Professor and Criminal Defense Attorney who has dedicated to practice to representing those who have arrested by New York City Law Enforcement.

Hiring the right attorney means hiring the attorney that you both feel comfortable with and the one who thinks will get you best results. Jason A. Steinberger is the most experienced attorney to achieve both of those goals.Having learned how prosecutor's handle cases and having spent years teaching law students about the criminal justice system, Jason A. Steinberger makes every client feel comfortable by explaining aspect of their case to them so that they can fully appreciate what is happening at every stage of their case. Additionally, because Mr. Steinberger's knowledge and experience with the New York City criminal justice system, he knows exactly what it takes to get the best results.

When you have been arrested for a Felony, Misdemeanor or DWI / DUI case in New York City, there are two significant aspects that you must focus on. The first is issue is avoiding a conviction of any kind. The second focus must be what type of consequences exists for a conviction. A conviction in New York can be separated into Felony convictions, Misdemeanor convictions and Violation convictions. A criminal conviction for any one of these may have several adverse collateral consequences. These consequences stemming from a conviction may result in anything from the loss of a job, loss of professional license and loss of legal immigration status to the possibility of serving a jail sentence, probation, community service, programs and/or fines.

For many who have been arrested, simply thinking about the possibility of a criminal conviction and the collateral consequences that may follow can be so overwhelming that they find the possibility of avoiding a criminal record or jail impossible. However, with the right representation, like that provided by criminal defense lawyer Jason A. Steinberger, it is indeed possible to make a return to the life you led before your arrest.

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