DUI Lawyer in NYC

Every year, countless people throughout New York City: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are involved in drunk driving incidents. Drunk driving cases have also increased in Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The numbers of New York DWI and DUI arrests go up every year and New York State is committing a significant effort towards curbing this problem. The laws are strict and, in many cases, those accused of drunk driving can face unfair scrutiny and penalty.

If you or a loved one is facing a New York State or New York City DWI or DUI charge, you need to contact a New York criminal and DWI / DUI lawyer, like Jason A. Steinberger immediately. Honest people make mistakes and even in New York the slightest bit of alcohol can turn a person's life upside down. You and your loved ones don't deserve to face New York DWI or New York DUI charges without help.

New York State Troopers, County Police and the New York City Police Department are trained professionals attempting to build a DWI case or DUI case against you. Information you provide New York law enforcement, such as answering a question, will only be used to further penalize you or strengthen the case against you. In many cases, intimidation tactics are used to force people unfairly into undermining their own rights. You deserve better. You deserve the help of New York criminal DWI and DUI attorney Jason A. Steinberger. You need to make honest, careful, informed decisions. Your rights matter.

Attorney Jason A. Steinberger is a committed, devoted and highly trained criminal defense lawyer who devotes a significant percentage of his general criminal defense practice to handling New York DWI and DUI cases. The other areas of Mr. Steinberger's felony and misdemeanor practice include domestic violence, drug possession, gun possession, fraud and much more. He has aggressively and zealously argued for the rights of his clients.

Through careful, devoted argumentation, your charges may be dropped, reduced or otherwise mitigated. Evidence will be gathered swiftly and efficiently. Law enforcement may have used unlawful means to acquire evidence. There may be discrepancies and falsehoods lying within recollections of the event. Attorney Jason A. Steinberger has the time-tested skills, tactics and strategies that have successfully protected the rights of so many clients in the past. With just a single phone call to our office, you can have an initial consultation and earn the peace of mind you deserve. Call today.