Domestic Violence Lawyer in NYC

In New York, every year hundreds of thousands of people are assaulted by people they know, even by those they trust most. While it's true that many of those who commit such acts must be punished, there are many men and women who are unjustly accused of violence they did not commit. New York Domestic Violence is taken very seriously and people can face untrue or skewed accusations of domestic violence.

If you or a loved one is facing domestic violence charges, it's imperative that you contact a New York domestic violence lawyer immediately. Charges are taken very seriously and, sadly, in many cases these accusations can arise from misunderstandings, miscommunications or even outright, malicious lies.

New York law enforcement will want to arrest you immediately and ask you very specific questions about the case. You will need to contact a New York domestic violence lawyer to be prepared. You may be pushed into undermining your own rights and falling victim to a charge you may not have committed. Your rights are important and you need to contact the right professional for the right help.

When facing a domestic violence charge, you need to contact New York Domestic Violence Attorney Jason A. Steinberger. With over a decade of experience handling a wide variety of domestic violence charges, he can offer the answers and creative solutions that less experienced attorneys can often miss. In many cases, charges may be dropped or reduced. Domestic violence charges also be reduced to alternative sentencing as well, such as counseling or probation. No matter what your circumstances may be, your rights deserve to be protected. You need to contact a New York Domestic Violence Lawyer.

Attorney Jason A. Steinberger is a skilled and highly proficient criminal defense lawyer specializing in a wide variety of practice areas, such as DUI defense, drug crimes, countless felonies and misdemeanors and much more. He has aggressively and zealously fought for the rights of his client, using time-tested tactics and strategies to achieve the very best possible results. Your peace of mind is important and the fear and intimidation the law offers is understandable. Initial consultations are always free and you'll receive the answers you need. Call today.

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